Bullying doesn’t just happen in schools, the workplace or even at home…it permeates our entire society and these injustices among the many others that we suffer at the hands of various groups, government and the media are the subject of this section. If it doesn’t make sense to you, you’ll find it here.

Murder is Not Youthful Indiscretion

The law is a tricky subject. One thing that is defined by the law can be completely different to how that thing is defined in another context. For example within society, under standard definitions, a child becomes an adult when they become 18. However when we go to court there are various rules and standards set to whether or not someone may be tried as an adult (for example in Kentucky the age is 14). People usually debate whether or not instances like these are fair…[Read More]

Religion – The Parasitic Institution

We’re told that there is a separation of church and state, but upon closer examination we can see that isn’t true. The church exists as a singular entity within societies, that aren’t subject to the limitations from our laws and government, but receive all the benefits. Churches exist as a parasite on society where we supply the money, and they take all of it…[Read More]

Stop and Frisk – A Necessary Evil?

By now I’m sure you’re acquainted with the current discourse in NYC about stop-and-frisk policy. On August 12, a federal judge ruled that the policy was unconstitutional. This ruling, while greeted with applause by the public, Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Kelly have been far less receptive. In fact, they intend to make an appeal to have that ruling…[Read More]

Sensationalism in the Media – Do They Really Care?

Do any of you remember that guy from a few weeks ago, you know that everyone was raving about because he was shot and killed? What do you mean that it’s a vague question and that according to the CDC, 609 people are killed by guns in a week? Wait, what?…[Read More]

Feminism and Videogames – A Question of Presence and Relevance

If you don’t mind, let’s talk about feminism and video games for a bit. I’m sure by now many of you must be rolling your eyes and groaning; but hear me out on this. Overall I have nothing against gender equality; it should be a given to have a society where both men and women are treated equally…[Read More]

Anthony Weiner: If He’s willing to Lie to His Wife, Then What about Us?

Like many NYers I have something at stake in the upcoming mayoral elections. Also, like many other NYers I have something to say about Anthony Weiner. I too like most other NYers want Weiner to drop out of the race; however this is where our agreement ends. I have my own reasons….[Read More]

Equality of Life – A Satire

Am I the only person who didn’t understand the worldwide fascination with the royal baby? I mean, seriously. I just didn’t care. I understand why the baby is such a big deal in Britain; he’s a royal baby, the extension of the royal family – the most important family in Britain…[Read More]

Reaction to the Zimmerman Trial

In light of the Treyvon Martin case, most of the US is in a state of shock and disbelief. The case as a whole is a rather fascinating one because of the unique circumstances that surround it. The following analysis will be controversial, you likely won’t agree with whatever I have to say and that’s perfectly acceptable; this is a troubling case after all…[Read More]

Reaction to the Zimmerman Trial II – More Racial Than You Think

I’m sure that at this point you’ve read the first Zimmerman themed article; it’s the first one in this section after all. For those who haven’t, the page is here: The advantage of having a section like this is that both the author and the viewers can speak their mind about the topic at hand (keep it civil though). This time around I want to look at a portion of the previous article that I chose to briefly touch upon before: Race…[Read More]